Who Does She Think She Is!

SBL headshot 2018.jpg

Warrior for Women’s Rights

Author, Journalist


Executive Director,  Women’s Centers International

Member –  International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP)


3D-coverNEW BOOK by Susan Burgess-Lent

Trouble Ahead: Dangerous Missions with Desperate People  

These are the stories of a woman’s fifteen solo journeys to places that, for awhile, riveted public attention because of their terrifying and elaborate violence:  Rwanda, Darfur, the slums of Kenya. Witness, enabler and critic, Susan worked just outside the corporate web of humanitarian aid. Her journals explore ‘what happens after’ a crisis – the grief, resilience, and astonishing aspirations of people struggling to recover. She reveals, through unblinking observations, the nuances of cultures and tragedies that have defined the world of humanitarian relief

Out of these missions grew the author’s inspiration for Women’s Centers International, a movement to respond to the global wildfire of women’s needs.

Trouble Ahead offers new ways to think about how we can help when it’s needed. And compassionate help is always needed … somewhere.

Available at Amazon in paperback and e-book.




2 thoughts on “Who Does She Think She Is!”

  1. Hello there Susan,
    I am so glad to see you are well and thriving. I hope all is well and you can respond to my email asap. I am doing alright no longer homeless but still in need of many things, I don’t have a number right but please leave me a message and I will definitely
    give you my new number as soon as I get one. I love you and wish we could talk soon.

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