Sudan Revolts!

The front line of Sudan’s long-overdue revolution is finally forming up.  Students and women are leading the protests in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. The trigger has been the Khartoum government’s removal of fuel subsidies, the 30% inflation rate and the precipitous drop in foreign reserves. Of course, this affects the poor most disastrously. And pretty much everyone except the government and cronies are poor.

For more than a generation, the Khartoum regime has made a mockery of the notion of governance, targeting the “undesirables” that comprise the majority non-Arab, black African population. They have been responsible for the deaths of millions of women and children, for the pillaging of their homes, livelihoods and culture. For an epidemic or rape. The people of Darfur continue to endure attacks even as millions remain, after 8-9 years, trapped in “temporary” camps that have denied them their dignity and their future.

The last year has seen the renewal of the government’s scorched-earth strategy in the Nuba Mountains. More that 100,000 Sudanese have fled the bombing and shelling of villages and towns in the border states, to gather in undersupplied camps on the South Sudan side of the unstable border. The UN’s urgent pleas for funding to begin assisting this new refugee population – reduced to eating tree bark and leaves, their children malnourished beyond the “emergency threshold” ­– have fallen on nearly deaf ears in the international community. The country is in free-fall.

Imagine: another genocide and again nobody is coming with substantive help.

It’s time to support the Sudanese who are standing up to – and ejecting – the criminal enterprise that masquerades as their government.

There is no clear popular leader to assume command. But perhaps clearing out the toxins will make space for better leaders to emerge. I’m being hopeful.

Support the new Revolution!  #SudanRevolts on Twitter.

Don’t bother with your Congressional representatives. They’ve been hobbled for years. Go to your media. Get out the word.

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