The Final Solution – Now Playing (out) in Darfur

It’s no secret that the Khartoum government has for many years carefully planned, and waited when necessary – they are prodigiously patient – to finish the genocide begun in earnest in 2003 in Darfur.

The perfect storm of “distractions” has finally arrived:  the US election with its tawdry trading of petty allegations, the debacle in Syria, the Olympics – to name a few. Nobody is watching, much less caring, that the “Warsaw ghetto” of Sudan is now being emptied. Though the people who’ve survived nine long years in IDP camps will not be sent to gas chambers, they will be consigned to a similar fate: forced into a forbidding desert with no food, water or shelter.

The recent attacks and looting of Kassab camp signals the Plan is moving forward, either by design or ominous serendipity.

Humanitarian organizations have been systematically forced out of the region. No journalists are permitted in the killing fields. (God bless Radio Dabanga with its network of citizen reporters!).  Communtions are monitored, limited and jammed, Money transfers are nearly impossible. The purported peacekeepers have been intimidated into complete acquiescence. The way is clear for the ultimate destruction of an entire people.

Do we have a political solution? Can we get even political attention to this horror?

Obama has an opportunity NOT to repeat Clinton’s timid and devastatingly consequential dithering in the face of the Rwandan genocide.

Yo! folks in the media!  It’s the big one.

The Nazis of Sudan cannot be allowed their Final Solution.

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