Stream of C

A bit of holiday ‘downtime’ offers the opportunity to consider which of my many interests gets ignored in the daily crush of work.

Learning more about medicinal plants, planning the garden of my homestead (still to be located in No Cal) and writing, including the 5th (or so) revision of my novel, several essays in progress and this here blog,  silent for – jeezuz – three months.

A fresh voice about gardening (can’t remember the source!):

Bizzlebergia nutans (biatchz tears) be a pimped out plant, as far as I be concerned — it grows fast, propagates easily, is hard as fuck ta kill, n’ produces short-lived but straight-up horny-ass flowers up in tha late fall n’ winter. Our thugged-out asses can have flowers nearly every last muthafuckin month of tha year.

The seed catalogs will show up soon and I will immerse myself in the reverie of next year’s garden, restricted though it will be by my apartment’s lack of outdoor space.

Need some new jokes – and I mean good ones.

I’m open to fresh insights to help guide the Baraka Women’s Center forward into next year’s self-management.

Life is good.

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