Human foibles never cease to entertain me. I don’t have to look far to find hilarious everyday stuff that provide enough hold in a turbulent life. Thought I’d pass along a few entries from the Sausailito police report, published in Marin Scope, last week of March

A resident who had locked himself out of his house didn’t understand why a 911 operator told him to call a locksmith.

People screamed and played loud music at 10:43pm

A caller said they had a bad feeling about five fellows hanging out in an older car at 7:59 pm. A store employee said the men swiped beer earlier in the day.

Liberty Ship Way, a small garter snake was spotted in the area at 10:39pm. It was left alone in the plants.

Someone used bolt cutters to steal a bike off a car.

A man with a bottle in her [sic] hand banged on a driver’s car window on Bridgeway and yelled “what are you looking at?” at 10:04 pm. He also threatened to kill the driver before taking off.

A few minutes before midnight, an organic vegetable delivery driver spooked a resident with a flashlight. (Not clear who had the flashlight).

A man keeps talking about a stolen laptop at church.

A man seemed “very confused” after crashing a BWM though a front gate at 6:36 am.

And, thrown in for good measure, a solstice lady: it is wrong to hit cyclists with your car.

I feel better already.

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