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Sisters’ Guide to Howling – Part 3

Spend any time last two weeks practicing whimpering?  If you have, you’ve learned a few things about creating primal sounds.  Scary shit.  Also fun in a subversive way.

We’re working up to a howl –  a visceral way for women to join up in commanding public auditory space.  Why?

Well, what sort of pain are you holding on to from some belittling event(s), a rending betrayal of trust, verbal abuse, rape, ongoing harassment, unequal pay, a health system that believes you to be drug-seeking, abject trouble raising money for your organization?  You fill in the details.

Women reclaim power only when we heal, and this is one tool for the process.  The message – “change gonna come” – will live inside the wave of sounds. We’ll set a date for the first public Howl.

Onward. This week’s exercise:

STEP 1    If you’re just catching up,  review Part 1 from my blog Nov 6 on the art of whimpering

If you’ve been practicing, begin sound 2:  The whine. Whine night

A whine is serious business for dogs and wolves. It means something’s wrong.

STEP 2  As before, work up to it.   Find your range.  Get creative

Minimum 20 seconds per day. Your choice  whether or not people are close enough to hear. If you feel the need, give your significant others a heads up.

STEP 3  Continue looking for and connecting with your pack.

Here’s a bit of inspiration for your effort:  “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weights you down.”  Toni Morrison

Till the next installment of the Full Moon Sisters’ Guide to Howling,



“You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.”  Jimi Hendrix

Ladies, Howl You Do It? Part 2

Further Support 1

Ok, the underwhelming response  to my posting Howl We Do It suggests that I offer some further guidance on the  fine art of howling.  No time to waste getting started with the Full Moon Sisters (FMS) Movement.

Some of you…well, for A LOT of you, might find even the thought of  full-throated Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.16.16 PMhowling terrifying. A normal response for sure.  It’s hella scary.  All the more reason to do it.

STEP 1:  Wrap your mind around the possibilities of making animal sounds.  It’s like learning to sing with a mission. The pain you feel/felt from harassment, mansplaining, and other abuses in your life – recent or past – will motivate.

STEP 2:  Start practicing.  Mark Day one on your calendar.

STEP3:   Work into it.

·      Start with a whimper in the bathroom when no one’s around

·      Move up to a whimper in the bathroom when you know people are around

This is the first milestone.  You need to clue in your housemate(s).  You are doing this as part of a new movement to protest the shit women put up with, to vent the pain and to make a group statement about the changes coming.

OK then!  Give it a go for a week to ten days.

Practice Once Every Day.   10 seconds minimum.

Oh, and get a girlfriend to  practice with you.  Men can join in solidarity.

We’ll work our way into the public auditory space together.  Of course, we’re drawing from the wolves delicious inventory of sounds.  Please share with friends!

Question, comments:

Stay tuned for the next bits about working your way to a howl.