When All the Girls Stopped Singing   (publication coming)

A brief synopsis:

When her mother dies, Zora Monroe, a spokeswoman for a human rights organization, uncovers the secret of her adoption. The shock of discovery fuels her decision to find blood relatives. Her journey to the homeland with a  but duplicitous guide named Senoja takes her inside a burgeoning genocide where she must decide the fate of a young girl cousin.

Cast amid nation-shattering events, When All the Girls Stopped Singing is a deeply personal story of a woman’s struggle to redefine family and to navigate the confounding path of human responsibility.

In the Borderlands (Xlibris, 2000)

Enter the world of Dr. Nona Whitley: a border camp overflowing with refugees from the Rwanda genocide, a place  where fear is the daily ration and survival requires an accomplice.

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