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Trouble Ahead:  Dangerous Missions with Desperate People (2019)

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Stories of a woman’s fifteen solo journeys to places that, for awhile, riveted public attention because of their terrifying and elaborate violence:  Rwanda, Darfur, the slums of Kenya. Witness, enabler and critic, Susan worked just outside the corporate web of humanitarian aid. Her journals explore ‘what happens after’ a crisis – the grief, resilience, and astonishing aspirations of people struggling to recover. She reveals, through unblinking observations, the nuances of cultures and tragedies that have defined the world of humanitarian relief Out of these missions grew the author’s inspiration for Women’s Centers International, a movement to respond to the global wildfire of women’s needs.

In the Borderlands (2000)  BUY HERE


Enter the world of Dr. Nona Whitley: a border camp overflowing with refugees from the Rwanda genocide, a place  where fear is the daily ration and survival requires an accompli




When All the Girls Stopped Singing   (publication in Summer 2019)

A brief synopsis:  When her mother dies, Zora Monroe, a spokeswoman for a human rights organization, uncovers the secret of her adoption. The shock of discovery fuels her decision to find blood relatives. Her journey to the homeland with a  but duplicitous guide named Senoja takes her inside a burgeoning genocide where she must decide the fate of a young girl cousin.

Cast amid nation-shattering events, When All the Girls Stopped Singing is a deeply personal story of a woman’s struggle to redefine family and to navigate the confounding path of human responsibility.

Susan received the 2004 Maryland Writers’ Association First Place Prize for Mainstream Fiction for an early version of this second novel.


Her short stories and essays have been published by World Press Institute Online, Wild Child Magazine, Pictures and Stories, MS magazine, and Global Women Magazine as well as included in several anthologies.

Hackles, published in the anthology Grace and Gravity, Fiction by Washington Area Women (Gargoyle Press, 2004)

Finding Jazz received the Sheila Smith Short Story Prize, 2002

A new collection of flash fiction due out in Fall 2019



  • Sweet Sixteen: A Ritual for the New AgeWashington Woman, Spring 2005
  • Numb and Number: America’s Turbulent Affair with Denial, Pictures and Stories, 2003
  • Bike Speed included in the anthology Bicycle Love,  2003
  • Reports of Genocide, The World Press Institute, 2002
  • Videography Magazine, a monthly column of essays on ethical and business issues for television professionals published from May 1998 to September 2001


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